Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, new camera, new photos

In early December, while shooting at Sedgefield beach, a big wave rolled in and knocked my tripod with my Canon 650D and Sigma 10-20mm lens on it, over!
It was covered by insurance, and after a lengthy decision-making process, I bought a new Olympus EM-5 witth the 12-40mm PRO lens as well as a Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye.
I am VERY happy with the EM-5 - the dynamic range and image quality is much better than the Canon.
I've spent a bit of time on various beaches around Wilderness, Sedgefield & Knysna - mainly at sunrise and sunset - (getting up at 4:00am isn't that much fun, but once you're on the beach, it's a stunning time of day.
The sunrises and sunsets haven't been that stunning, so I've been concentrating on rock formations and shooting quite a bit in black and white which I'm really enjoying.
Below are some images that I've captured...

Shot at Maiden's Cove in early December

Brenton-on-sea looking back towards Buffalo Bay


Sunrise over swartvlei beach

Tidal flow near flat rock, wilderness

Sunrise along swartvlei beach

Cold, grey morning along swartvlei beach

Swartvlei bech

Early morning near flat rock, wilderness

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